GP Walsh

Spiritual Teacher & Modern Day Mystic

Creator of Inner Reconciliation

The Gentle Pathway Home to Unconditional Self-Love


“The mystic is not a guy in a funny hat with an owl on his shoulder. It is one who has come into harmony with and embraces the transcendent dimension of being. They see the world though mysic eyes. Where the materialist sees problems and conflict the mystic sees the face of God.” – GP

Talks & Satsangs

GP is a stunningly inspiring speaker, teacher and storyteller. His talks are compelling and filled with story, metaphor and experiential exercises. He has the unique ability to make even the most difficult spiritual teachings simple and understandable and he can communicate with people from the most diverse backgrounds. People leave from a talk by GP renewed and with a conscious ability to live the insights they have received.

Workshops & Retreats

Let GP immerse your organization or group in a life-transforming workshop or spiritual retreat. A retreat or workshop though is not about having a peak experience and then going back to the way things were. Permanent transformation is the goal. To have an experience that changes you to the degree that it is imosible to return to your old conditioned patterns.





GP just knows how to bring you home. I have heard so much, studied so much, practiced so much but now, thanks to GP, I understand. He brought me right to the doorstep of my true home. I am eternally grateful.

Tracey Samlow

Business & Marketing Mentor, #1 Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur

Speaking to Inspire and Awaken

There is an end goal of spiritual practice. It is the total awakening to who you really are. Spirituality is not self-help. Although life is improved dramatically as a result of spiritual awakening and practice, that is not its primary purpose. To know yourself as you are is the purpose and nobody reveals the truth of your being more clearly and more passionately than GP.

Immersion in Practical Wisdom

To take time away from your everyday routine for immersion in a spiritual retreat or workshop is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Providing a space within your organization or group for that to happen is the greatest gift you can give to your members.

To quote Jack Canfield "GP will take you on a journey you will not soon forget and will touch you in ways that will effect everything you do."

As entertaining and engaging as he is, that pales in the face of the depth of his message: the incredible power of courage and the innate value we all possess. Teacher? Actor? Storyteller? Leader? Sage? GP is all of the above.”

John Gray

Author of "Men are from Mars Women are from Venus"

About GP

The son of a schizophrenic mother and an absent father, GP’s earliest memory is being tied to his bed to keep him from getting out of bed at night. The years of abuse, neglect and emotional deprivation were offset by a natural gift for and love of truth as well as an unquenchable curiosity about how it is that people really heal and awaken.

“My experience as a child made the search for truth and healing more than philosophical curiosity. For me, it was a matter of life and death.”

At the age of 19, he was on the verge of suicide, addicted to drugs and at the end his hope. At this dark moment, GP had an extraordinary spiritual experience that was so penetrating that, within a few months, his entire life had turned around. He refers to that day as his “Night on the Bridge,” where he experienced, as he puts it, “Original Innocence“.

Since then, he has spent his life learning, studying, researching, experimenting, practicing and creating practices that liberate the soul from unnecessary and self-imposed suffering.

Even though he didn’t know it at the time, on that “Night on the Bridge”, he had been given the key to what would eventually become Inner Reconciliation.

What the Experts Are Saying

“GP Walsh is a master who will leave you absolutely spellbound. As I listened to him, I laughed, cried, and felt transformed from insight after insight. He offered me a deep journey into my soul. He is a revelation to every audience who has the opportunity to experience him and I can’t recommend him enough!”

Marci Shimoff

#1 NY Times Bestselling Author: "Happy for No Reason", "Love For No Reason", "Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul"

“I have had the privilege of hearing some of the best storytellers and speakers in the world. GP Walsh is one of those.   It is a rare talent that can keep an audience absolutely mesmerized while delivering teaching and insights that are profound and life changing. GP will take you on a journey you will not soon forget and will touch you in ways that will effect everything you do.

Jack Canfield

The World’s #1 Success Coach and Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “The Success Principles"

“GP is a master storyteller, painting vivid pictures using just his remarkable voice, his captivating expressions and gestures and a seemingly unlimited supply of characterizations As entertaining and engaging as he is, that actually pales in the face of the depth of the message he delivers: the incredible power of courage and the innate value we all possess. Teacher? Actor? Storyteller? Leader? Sage? GP is all of the above.

John Gray

” Author of 17 books, including the New York Times #1 Best-Selling Book of the last decade, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”

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