The Irreverent Sage
Spiritually Incorrect for the Spiritually Disillusioned

Ever wondered:

  • Why does this self-help promise so much and deliver so little?
  • Why is spiritual practice so damn hard?
  • Why is the world messed up?
  • Why do I keep “working on myself” and never get fixed?

Well those are the kind of questions The Irreverent Sage loves; difficult, complex, confusing and especially, important questions you’ve never gotten good answer to.

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GP WALSHThe Irreverent Sage

GP has a long list of accomplishments BUT WHO CARES.

What matters is that he has the experience, the wisdom, the depth of understanding and the willingness to answer any question you have about your spiritual ice, your personal development and any way in which you are suffering.

Spiritually Incorrect
Spiritually IncorrectFor the Spiritually Disillusioned

It’s hard to put him in a box. He has been called a prophet, a wise man, a sage, a rebel, a spiritual misfit, a trouble maker and a few things less nice. With a rare honesty, a biting wit, the timing of a comedian, and insights that can make your head spin, GP has the unique ability to take the most arcane, ambiguous and impenetrable life teachings and bring them into language that anyone can understand.

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