Pure Acceptance

With no strings attached We spend all our energy and love trying to make things go the way we want them to. Have we ever considered there might be a better way? There is. In a moment of pure acceptance, everything  becomes precious, simply because we recognize how fleeting it all is. Every friend and lover becomes [...]

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Life and Heartbreak

It is the human story One of the most fundamental of Buddha’s teachings, is that life, and everything in it, is impermanent. The cause of all human suffering is attempting to make the impermanent, permanent… an obvious impossibility. But, at the same time, at the center of all human joy is love, and love does [...]

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The Evolutionary Shift

From apes to humans to… what?  The caterpillar has no idea what life as a butterfly is like. If you asked it to visualize its perfect life, you would get an image of an endless field of green leaves to crawl on and eat. The idea that it could fly would never cross its mind. [...]

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Back To Heaven

It is where you started “No one ascends up to heaven save he who came down from heaven, even the son of man who is in heaven.” Jesus said that. So it’s probably true and certainly worth pondering. Heaven is your true being. It is not a place. It is not even a state of [...]

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Life IS Benevolent

Even when it doesn’t feel that way Life IS benevolent. It IS the perfect, the divine, the way it is meant to be. So when it doesn’t feel that way, what is the problem? We have all been conditioned to believe that somehow we know better. The ego  of humans (a word that refers to [...]

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Honoring the American Worker

Our history books are full of stories of the great industrialists of our times and before. We know the names of captains of industry, present and past. We know the billionaires, the moguls, the media stars, the pop stars, the momentarily interesting. We hear reports minute by minute about the stock market (a.k.a. the national [...]

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The Sweetness In Adversity

No one asks for difficulties Yet they come Like the unwanted relative at Christmas They come They stay They leave when they please And not one minute before Yet, as I look back on my life, it has been those unwanted things, that have made me what I am In the pleasant moments, I am [...]

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A Single Word

A single word can change everything A harsh word can end a lifetime relationship. A sweet word can create one An angry word can destroy a life's work A kind word can undo a mountain of hostility An unyielding word can start a war A reconciling word can prevent one Every word creates the world [...]

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It Is All Gold

The same camera captures the glorious sunrise and the war torn city. The same screen displays the love scene or the battle. The same shoes can be worn by both the hero and the villain. We all seem to battle with our thoughts. "Hold a good thought." "Focus on what you want, not on what [...]

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Life is impermanent. That is the fact. We don't like that. We wish it wasn't so. But it is so. Friends, lovers, pets, possessions, all come and go into and out of our lives. It hurts. We wish they could be there forever. We wish things would never change... until... Something comes along that we [...]

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