With One Voice

When we speak with one voice We are the very voice of creation... and creation's God An unfathomable chorus unified in infinite purpose that is purposeless... except to be Every thought is the thought of one... We/I/Us/Me/You One without a two... no external reference because... well... there is none... or rather One The infinite reconciliation [...]

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Toys In The Attic

The animated trees Alone in the dark places of no longer relevant Un-animated by adulthood The once playful empty ones Reflections in a child’s eye Projections of the child’s heart They lived like talking trees and singing caterpillars How small the little world the big people captured us in How contracted the view How unimaginably [...]

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I AM The Big Bang

Everything started here I am, you are, the Big Bang The explosive moment of creation The nothing into something From the infinitesimally small To the inconceivably large In a second Faster than the speed of light The universe appears 13.8 billion years And all of it just right now From this infinite center to the [...]

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Life Happens

It isn’t something you do Life Happens And YOU are life That means YOU happen You don’t need to make it happen Begin the the doer, the maker,  the planner, plotter, goal setter OH MY GOD WHAT A BURDEN! I am exhausted just thinking about it “Consider the lilies of the field They toil not [...]

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It All Happens Right Now

A millisecond of perception What was What will be Let's leave right now and check Oops... can't do that Don't seem to be able to exit Like I am stuck in this infinitely small place Or is it infinitely big Hard to tell But it seems to contain all pasts And all futures At the [...]

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It All Happens Right Here

A tiny slice of perception Look up into the night sky Millions of points of light embrace you Imagine this time little aperture seeing trillions of miles out into the void Or is it right here? The light has travelled far and long to reach me Constant on its journey Only to gently nudge a [...]

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The Only Money Problem You Have

And you thought this was complicated You only have one, count 'em, one money problem You think that tomorrow there won't be enough There is enough now But tomorrow no Then tomorrow comes and low and behold, There is enough But not tomorrow It is not guaranteed So worry is appropriate Doubt Plan and save [...]

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Calling All Mystics

Yeah, I'm talking to you You know mysticism has gotten a bad name. Religionists call it blasphemy. The contradiction of the central authority. Scientists call it superstition and ignorance, the result of inadequate study and critical thinking. But the mystic, he/she is the most impertinent of all My direct experience is the only authority I [...]

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The Market Value Of Space

Nothing and everything So, how much would you pay for a 100,000 acre lot located, in a beautiful but sparsely populated neighbourhood, located halfway between the earth and the moon?Definitely an unimproved lot Hard to build there Bit of a drive to the nearest supermarket So space doesn't have any market value But wait, without [...]

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Self-Improvement Is A Treadmill

Time To Walk On Solid Ground If you are like me you have laboured in the fields of self-improvement for a long, long time. And yet, that illusive, permanent happiness, peace and prosperity have remain elusive. We are promised that carrot of the eventual attainment of the wonderful state of joy. And so we begin [...]

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