What Is the Shape of Water?

Whatever you happen to put it in In the last Simple Thought I referred to the endless flow of story that is the vivid life of the child (by the way that was/is you). But these stories were more than just fiction from a novel. A momentary escape from the drudgery of "reality." This was/is [...]

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Who’s Story Is It?

Did I write this script? When I was a child I had a million stories. I was the most amazing characters. There seemed to be no limit to my imagination or my capacity to inhabit it. And I moved between stories like water flowing in a stream, enjoying the changing scenery. Well, somewhere along the [...]

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The Cloud Reveals The Sky

The endless sky I long to be like the white cloud it wanders, seemingly randomly It appears spontaneously and then Just as spontaneously Disappears Only to reappear somewhere else Same cloud? Different cloud? But is its meanderings truly random? Or is it just guided by some unseen force Heat Wind The imperceptible motion of the [...]

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Beyond Science and Religion

Our relentless (and unnecessary) search for authority We humans are storytellers. We simply have to create a story to give meaning and purpose to an otherwise chaotic and unforgiving universe. At the heart of it all is a deep desire for truth… or rather, The Truth. And that is the very best part of us. [...]

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Perfect? Me?

Yes you! And I’ll show you why I say soYes it IS true. it is not just a pretty spiritual idea. Now, I am not going to do some metaphysical slight of hand on your head to convince you, that if you believe that, then you will see it. I am sure you have experienced [...]

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Healing the Damaged Heart

Lifting the foot off your back You are naturally resilient. You have heard me say it a thousand times. This remarkable, intelligent, sentient machine that you call your body is the pinnacle of creation and a wonder of self-programming adaptability. It is like the grass on the lawn. If you cut it is just grows [...]

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Trees Are NOT Green

But light is What a weird statement. Of course, trees are green. I guess next you are going to say that the sky is not blue.Actually it isn’t. Put a tree in a room with no light and what color is it? The tree appears to be green because it absorbs every frequency of light [...]

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The Search For Truth

Notice the one searching  “Finding yourself” was a term we used to use back in the 60’s and 70’s. It was a time of great searching, both inwardly and outwardly. It was a time, a lot like right now actually, where living according to who you really are, rather than according to a set of [...]

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The People Inside

You are not alone in there One of the key things I learned that made my spiritual growth take a big, quantum leap forward was coming to see there are, quite literally, many different people inside of me. And they did not agree on much. This disagreement caused a great deal of inner struggle. Things were harder than [...]

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The Gravity of Alternate Worlds

The unseen influence of irresistible motion Our lives are moved by silent and invisible forces Like the influence of stars and planets A million tiny gravitational tugs The flow of destiny We all swim in an invisible river We cling to a branch or a rock and get pummelled by the fast flowing water we [...]

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