Life is impermanent. That is the fact. We don’t like that. We wish it wasn’t so. But it is so.

Friends, lovers, pets, possessions, all come and go into and out of our lives. It hurts. We wish they could be there forever. We wish things would never change… until…

Something comes along that we don’t want and then we can’t wait for it to leave.

We all must come to see that life itself would not be possible, were it not for impermanence. Life is nothing other than the constant transformation of energy. Every 7 years you have a new body. Every 3 days a new pancreas. Some of our celles don’t last longer than a couple of hurs.

Even mountains of granite are changing. Imperceptibly slowly, but changing none the less.

Seems gloomy doesn’t it. Everything doomed to disappear. Everything you love fade away. No way to stop it.

bodhiBut, if we remember this, if we hold impermanence ever before our gaze we realize that every moment is precious beyond all measure.

Never again will this moment occur. The one you are gazing upon right now will one day, perhaps even soon, be gone.

If we embrace impermanence as the universal truth that it is, we would inevitably become patient, slow to anger, compassionate, warm. We would keep all things in perspective.

Whatever momentary disturbance may attempt to disrupt the harmony, we would realize that, what or who we are with will not be there forever. And why would we waste such a precious moment on something that will very shortly become irrelevant.

I won’t yell at the diamond because it has become obscured by mud. It is still a diamond. And even diamonds, eventually crumble into dust.

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