The same camera captures the glorious sunrise and the war torn city.

The same screen displays the love scene or the battle.

The same shoes can be worn by both the hero and the villain.

We all seem to battle with our thoughts. “Hold a good thought.” “Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.” “Visualize that perfect life.” “Negative thoughts create undesirable outcomes”

Yet, looking closer what do we find? The most beautiful idea and the most hideous image are both made of exactly the same substance.

“Thoughts are powerful” declares the teacher of manifestation.

But, that too, is a thought.

“Your thoughts create your reality.” Um… that too is a thought.

Rarely, if ever, do we look on the jewelry and see the gold. So entranced with the form are we, that we never consider the nature of the substance from which it is made.

The one who looks at jewelry and sees the substance and its value is called a jeweler.

The one who looks at thought and sees its essence is called a sage.

All thoughts, whatever the form, are all made of the same, simple stuff. Take a mountain of jewelry and melt it down and what have you? An indistinguishable mountain of gold.

So, while we are busy trying to change our thinking and create that perfect beautiful life, simply remember, it is all gold.

Love & Light and a Happy New Year


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