With no strings attached

We spend all our energy and love trying to make things go the way we want them to.

Have we ever considered there might be a better way? There is.

In a moment of pure acceptance, everything  becomes precious, simply because we recognize how fleeting it all is. Every friend and lover becomes more beautiful. Even the most mundane objects become bathed in love and appreciation. You are immersed in infinite value. The water has been turned into wine.

Enlightenment is not a rarefied, transcendent or altered state. It is not a state at all. It is a recognition of the real nature of human life. It is a bittersweet recognition of the fragility and fleetingness of this moment and that it is that very momentariness that makes it so precious.

This wisdom is not something you will hear very often. It is not something you will get marketing emails about. In fact, all of that is a futile and immature attempt to avoid this.

The recognition of this preciousness of right now would end war, greed, avarice, hatred, bigotry and cruelty in a heartbeat.

The opposite of suffering is not really joy or freedom or elation or even peace. Those are all consequences. The real opposite of suffering, and its cure, is humble acceptance of the inevitable.