From apes to humans to… what? 

The caterpillar has no idea what life as a butterfly is like. If you asked it to visualize its perfect life, you would get an image of an endless field of green leaves to crawl on and eat. The idea that it could fly would never cross its mind.

We are like that.

In this current radical shift in human consciousness, where we are headed cannot be predicted. What the butterfly state of humanity will be, cannot be envisioned by the current caterpillar state.

The idea that we are creating it or co-creating it is really quite humorous. How do we co-create what we cannot possibly conceive. Then do our thoughts and feelings and vibration have any effect at all? Does it matter, when even the best thoughts we can come up with, will be little more than really good caterpillar thoughts?

Something way bigger than our minds, our ideas, our ambitions is at work. We are not transforming the universe. It is the other way around. The universe is transforming us. And this transformation, is a spiritual one. and we are being transformed at our core.

No more paint on the old house. It is a new house being constructed, from the foundation up. And, like any new construction, it will be a bit messy during the demolition and construction.

Just remember that, as the world is leveled and rebuilt, that none of us has seen the blueprint. No one knows what is being built. No one! And we won’t know until it is here.

In this universal architecture, whether you be on the side of great goodness or serving self interest on a global scale, it is all going according to plan. Take no pride in your goodness nor judge the prolific evil in the world today. 

For we know not where we are headed. So how can we possibly judge the steps we are taking to get there. 

The caterpillar follows its own nature until that nature is transformed. So, fellow caterpillars, let us surrender to the wisdom of life. Perhaps a butterfly awaits us.

Your Caterpillar Brother


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