No one asks for difficulties

Yet they come

Like the unwanted relative at Christmas

They come

They stay

They leave when they please

And not one minute before

Yet, as I look back on my life, it has been those unwanted things, that have made me what I am

In the pleasant moments, I am content.

I seek nothing.

I bask in my own complacency.

Then, when life shifts (as it always does)

And I find myself face down in the mud

I gripe

I complain

I seek out Law of Attraction gurus

I whine like a baby

Behaving as if life had somehow promised me perpetual leisure.

Then, finally yielding to the necessity of the moment,

I submit to the transformation

A transformation I would never have chosen

Indeed, could never have chosen

It took the very adversity to even bestow upon me the vision of where I could go

Then there is that moment of profound gratitude

Recognizing, at last, that I could not, would not have designed anything so perfect

Then, like the spoiled brat, I sink once again, into my tired complacency

Imagining that somehow I have brought about this miracle

Until, inevitably, life once again, causes me to trip over my own feet

And, once again, with the blood on my face still fresh

I embrace adversity once more

Perhaps, one day, I will stop my petty foolishness

Recognize that which is as obvious as my now bloody nose

Life’s lessons are just

They are benevolent

They are wise

Even, and especially, when I am not

Love & Light


GP Walsh | | |