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From introductory to advanced courses, GP covers a comprehensive range of significant spiritual and personal development subjects: Inner Reconciliation (TM) Meditation, the Chakras, Energy Healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Certified Facilitator

Inner Reconciliation

Inner Reconciliation is the revolutionary discovery that all human suffering can be reduced to a misunderstanding of who we are. That creates all inner conflict and suffering. The way to lasting peace is stunningly simple.

Non Duality

The deepest spirituality is the direct inquiry into the nature of the self. The nature of YOUR SELF. This is not a philosophical query. It is a direct experience of the truth of your own being. Simple, direct and life changing.


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MasterHEART Institute

All of GP’s courses and trainings are administered through the MasterHEART Institute. The Institute was founded in 2014 to promote with the express purpose of helping every discover who they really are. And thus relieve all suffering.

From Novice to Professional Facilitator

The MasterHEART Institute was set up to take a dedicated spiritual seeker from a total beginning, all the way to being certified as one qualified to coach other spiritual seekers as a professional Certified Facilitator. Each of these courses stands on its own and there are other courses available, all designed and taught by GP. But the courses in the diagram below are the core curriculum, the completion of which leads to MasterHEART Institute Certification.