I never liked the whole Chakra thing. I thought they made pretty posters but shed no light on the human condition.

I was wrong.

Thanks to the input of a couple of trusted friends and a willingness to examine the idea more impartially what I found amazed me.

A beautiful, elegant map to the inner workings of the human soul.

The Chakras, it appears, are not just pretty, spinning vortexes of light, they are aspects of your consciousness.

In fact, they actually make up human consciousness, In just the the way that cells, processes and organs make up the human body.

In fact, you could consider them energy organs.

They provide an explanation of so much of human behavior, including the aspect that I was most interested in, alleviating suffering and resolving internal conflict.

Here is a video I made that explores this fascinating subject.

The Chakras – A Map of the Soul
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