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I’m not going to make any kind of interesting or clever comeback.

I am not trying to get your attention and then give you some elaborate process.

It’s a question we all must answer. Are you happy?

And, it is a yes or no question.

If the answer is no, then why?

Have we become so used to struggle that we don’t think anything other than a temporary elations is the best we can hope for?

Is happiness just a state of being out of misery for a minute?

Is it just something that happens when I get what I want… until the next thing I want comes along?

Very wise people have said, throughout all time, happiness lies within!

If that is true, isn’t that the thing we should be considering every day. Pondering. Meditating over.

I made a video to explore this because, I really believe it to be true. So much so that, when I am feeling unhappy, I immediately look for how I am giving my happiness away.[/fusion_text][youtube id=”93qDz1gftEM” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””][/youtube][fusion_text]

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