All goals fall short

Imagine the caterpillar’s heaven, its visualizations and affirmations, its dream life

A sea of green leaves…. So close together it doesn’t even have to stretch and risk falling to move from one to the next

There are no predators, no hungry birds, no large insects

It moves fearlessly through an endless field of green

Ah… Heaven!

But… that is not what awaits this little, nearly blind crawler

What does await could never be conceive of, imagined, visualized or affirmed

Its destiny it to fly, to grow wings and make the sky its home

To be so beautiful, all who see it are filled with awe

Could it foresee such a wonder?

Could it make drifting through the heavens a goal?

Our ambitions, goals, visualizations, affirmations, however lofty are but the imaginings of a caterpillar

They fall short of the sky

Therefore make plans, set goals, reach beyond your grasp

But know, that however great the vision, it will remain nearsighted

Your destiny is beyond what you can see

Surrender to this mystery and be happy

Love & Light


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