Private Coaching

With a Master Coach and Spiritual Mentor

GP is available for a limited number of private coaching clients.

“Experiencing GP one-on-one is an experience that will last a lifetime. I don’t know how he does it, but WOW!” – Salona Carlisle, Master Coach, Creator of the Path of the Integrated Woman

Enjoy a Free Mentoring Session

In your free consultation GP will guide you towards your next step in personal and/or professional growth

Spiritual Mentorship

With over 40 years of experience in spiritual guidance and a deep and broad understanding of most of the world’s spiritual and religious traditions and practices, GP will mentor you naturally and gently into your next phase of spiritual growth.

Inner Reconciliation

All of our suffering, failures and heartbreak arise from a deep inner conflict, an inability to accept the power and grace of our natural being. Together we will gently, powerfully, and often very quickly, liberate these natural energies and you will experience freedom.

Leadership & Entreprenuer

Leadership erupts from the inside when we discover our innate wisdom and purpose. To lead you must inspire not dominate, embrace not reject, request not demand. GP will take you to a new level of personal and professional mastery.

Relationship Communication

Whether it be romantic, familial or professional, the quality and authenticity of our relationships is the single most active ingredient to all success. Learn first to listen to yourself and you will find you can engage meaningfully with anyone.

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