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Transformational Tapping

Let’s face it, we don’t practice healing modalitites merely to rid ourselves of symptoms. We want a full, rich life.

Meridian Tapping isn’t merely therapeutic. While most applications of the Emotional Freedom Technique are aimed primarily at relieving symptoms. EFT accomplishes that by bringing about an energetic shift at the deepest level. So it is not like taking a pill. The malady is actually healed

But isn’t there more to life than that?

Once a difficulty has been alleviated we still need to advance in our lives. We need vision, depth, a new way of approaching all the details of everyday life.

In other words, we need a spiritual transformation.

Tapping on the Buddha looks beyond healing to the fullness of life and the discovery of who you truly are. The one that was there before any conditioning ever occurred, the real, true, originally innocent you!

To tap on the Buddha is to tap into your true self



From Beginner

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Master Level

Coach Training

Inner Reconciliation

Energy Techniques Course Collections

Energy Healing Fundamentals

Price: $60

When Purchased Separately: $120

Includes the courses:

  • Healing at the Roots eBook
  • The Power of Touch Intro Series
  • Tapping Fundamentals
  • The End of Stress
  • Tap Happy – GP’s Approach to Tapping


Totally Tapped In

Price: $150

When Purchased Separately: $240

Includes six two-hour workshops  covering subjects we are all interested in:

  • Tapping Out of Anxiety & Into Safety
  • Tapping Into Money & Wealth
  • Tapping Into Success & Achievement
  • Tapping Into Realizing Your Dreams
  • Tapping Into Unconditional Happiness
  • Tapping on the Buddha


Coach Training

Price: $500

Learn directly from GP his unique and effective approach to Meridian Tapping which includes:

  • Coach Training Home Study
  • 5 Weeks of Group Training
  • 1 Induction, Goal Setting Private Call
  • 2 Private EFT Teaching Sessions with GP
  • 1 Week of Supervised Training
  • Final Assessment Consultation with GP
  • Certificate of Completion

This is a pro level course but is also open to those who wish to deepen their personal practice.

Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques

Individual Courses

Healing at the Roots eBook

Price: Free

This 27 page ebook is a simple introduction to two different, but equally valuable subjects, Meridian Tapping and The Chakras.

 (Part of the Energy Healing Fundamentals Collection)

Healing Power of Touch

Price: Free

This four part video series introduces you to the basics of Meridian Tapping and it also provides dynamic tapping sessions to enhance your sense of safety and self-worth.

(Part of the Energy Healing Fundamentals Collection)

Tapping Fundamentals

Price: $40

This 7 part video series is a comprehensive exploration of Meridian Tapping that includes:

  • Life Is Flow
  • What’s Energy Healing?
  • It’s All About Safety
  • You’re NOT Your Conditioning
  • Affirmative Tapping
  • Recorded Workshop
 (Part of the Energy Healing Fundamentals Collection)

The End of Stress

Price: $40

Eliminate stress and you eliminate most problems with money. relationships and health. it is a contributor to every modern disease we have.

Learn to first reduce it and then eliminate it in this focused course.

 (Part of the Energy Healing Fundamentals Collection)


Price: $40

This is a series collection of 6 guided Meridian Tapping sessions combining affirmations, music, brain entrainment, sleep learning, mantra and EFT.

In a series of “I Am” statements we cover SAFETY, FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, WEALTH, PEACE & BEING LOVABLE.


GP’s Unique Approach

Price: $40

This is a recording of a 2 hour workshop where GP goes into depth about his flavor of tapping called “Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques.”

 (Part of the Energy Healing Fundamentals Collection)

From Anxiety to Safety

Price: $40

This two hour recorded live workshop, deals with a problem we all face and some face chronically. The answer to anxiety is a feeling of safety and there is nothing that promotes the feeling of safety more than Meridian Tapping.

(Part of the Totally Tapped In Collection)

Money & Wealth

Price: $40

In this two hour recorded live workshop we take up a subject that causes most people a great deal of stress, worry and anxiousness. There is a way to have a harmonious and happy relationship with money and GP will show you how.

 (Part of the Totally Tapped In Collection) 

Be a Success

Price: $40

There is nothing more human than the desire to succeed, the achieve, to grow and expand. But many of us find inner blocks to achievement. GP will help you clear those away and find a deep inner satisfaction which is the ground for all success.

(Part of the Totally Tapped In Collection)

Be a Visionary

Price: $40

We are all visionaries. But many of us have either had those dreams crushed out of us or they had to be drastically reduced. Let GP rekindle in you the that inner visionary and feel the power to actually realize those dreams. 

(Part of the Totally Tapped In Collection)

Just Be Happy

Price: $40

That is way easier than it sounds, if you discover what happiness actually is. GP will help you to awaken to the happiness that is innate in you and free you from always deferring to some happy condition in the future. Happiness is now!

 (Part of the Totally Tapped In Collection)

Spiritual Tapping

Price: $40

Can Meridian Tapping aid in our spiritual growth? Absolutely. In fact, it can help prepare the nervous system for the biggest transformation there is, spiritual awakening. To tap on the Buddha is to discover that you are tapping on yourself.

(Part of the Totally Tapped In Collection)

Coach Training Home Study

Price: $100

This is a series of videos going into depth on GP’s Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques.

This is included in the Coach Certification Program and in Inner Reconciliation Level 2.


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Inner Reconciliation 

Course Collections and Training Programs

All programs in each collection can be purchased individually or you can purchase the entire collection at a significant discount

Inner Reconciliation Home Study Courses & Collections

The Yoga of Allowing

The First Step

Your inner world is not an enemy. To allow yourself to feel is to allow yourself to heal, to grow, to expand and eventually step into the fullness of your infinite potential.

Allowing is really just another way of pointing to the only thing. that has ever healed anything,  unconditional love.


IR: Level 1

The Miracle of Intentional Manifestation

We all want to have, be and do more in our lives. But what we don’t realize is that the biggest obstacle for truly realizing our big aspirations is INNER CONFLICT.

In this course you’ll be fully introduced to Inner Reconciliation and begin the amazing process of coming to total inner contentment and power.

Manifestation happens.


IR: Level 2

From Healing to Wholeness

In Level 2 we focus on healing and its deeper meaning, a return to our innate wholeness and Original Innocence.

You’re discover where Inner Reconciliation came from and learn of its deep spiritual roots. We move from the therapeutic to the transformational. 

This includes the Energy Techniques home study course.


IR: Level 3

The Light at the Center

In the culmination of the training we explore the deepest subjects, the natire of perception, consciousness and the transcendent.

You are introduced to the deep subject and practice of self-inquiry.

The completion of this course qualifies you ro Inner Reconciliation Certified Facilitator Training.



Certified Facilitator

The Ultimate Step

Inner Reconciliation is a revolution in healing and a deeply spiritual path that leads to spiritual awakening. The greatest joy a person can know is the joy of assisting another in the deeper realization of their true nature as Original Innocence and the help them learn to embody that spiritual power in everyday life.

Join me in learning to facilitate others out of inner conflict and into peace.