The Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques

Energy Healing for Inner Transformation

Before there were people

Before there were animals

Before there were planets, stars or galaxies

Before there were molecules, atoms or quantum

Even before there was a Big Bang


We don’t really know what energy is. Actually, we can’t know. It is prior to all form, prior to all thought and ideas. It was prior to the Big Bang.

Even though we don’t know what it is. We do know what it does. We know that absolutely everything is made of it and everything expresses its essential nature.

Everything including you!

The underlying, working theory of energy healing is that all difficulties, all illness, physical, emotional and psychological, have at their roots an energetic block or disturbance, in the natural flow. The ancients called this flow, Chi, Prana or the Tao.

The practice of energy healing is to find those blocks and disturbances and liberate the energy that has collected there, so that it can flow in its natural healthy channels.

Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques

Energy Healing with the Tao

What makes Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques so powerful and unique is that it is based squarely in Inner Reconciliation. Starting from the premise that you are not broken and do not need to be fixed.

IRET is a variation of the powerful energy healing technique, The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, whcih was devleoped by Gary Craig. All energy healing modalities recognize  the innate and profound intelligence inherent in the body and so work with the natural flow of energy within the system.

IRET takes that a step furter but assuming the innate health and perfection of the system. So, rather than trying to fix it, change it or force it to our will, it is liberated from the blocks and disturbances that have squeezed it out of its natural shape. You could call it Energy Healing with the Tao.

Inner Reconciliation provides the perfectly safe healing environment that allows the powerful technique of Meridian Tapping to do its job more fully and quickly

There is one other key difference as well. IRET is much more than energy therapy. As important as relief from symptoms is, the ultimate purpose of Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques is deep, permanent, spiritual transformation.


It's All About Safety

The totality of human suffering is brought about by our nervous systems becoming stuck in a defensive posture. Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques physically communicate to the body a new level of safety. This new information pierces through the defensive mechanisms and jump starts the natural healing process of the body/mind.


Profoundly Effective and Gentle

EFT has been used on hundreds of thousands of people with every imaginable condition and has not been found wanting. Moreover there have been no side effects other than peacefulness and joy. Think of it as acupuncture without the needles.


Trauma Release Through Touch

It has been shown that the traumas that follow us into later life originate from the “freeze” response (the lesser known sibling of fight and flight.) When you can’t run and you can’t fight, you freeze. You literally take the energy that has no where to go and store it in the body. Over time contain the traumatic energy requires more and more of your creative energy. IRET helps to discharge that energy which allows the entire nervous system to return to balance and health.

A Touching Testimonial

“I was thinking of committing suicide until I watched this video tonight! I’m fighting with my own identity because of never feeling wanted since I was a child! Given such a hard life since I was unwanted as a child I constantly feel unwanted and left out! Thank you for giving me this video! ” – Katina (Comment from YouTube)