The only way to end conflict is to become committed to reconciliation.

In our rather barbaric world, we try to end conflict by wiping out the enemy. So far that has failed so miserably we should be getting the message… and many of us are.

But we do this same thing to ourselves.

Every time we try to fix ourselves, make ourselves better, try to live up to some set of standards that we didn’t even choose for ourselves, we are simply trying to establish peace by wiping out the inner enemy.

The enemy is not your thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and experiences.

All of those are a symptom.

What is the cause? The conflict between who we really are what we had to become in order to survive

Inner conflict is the cause of all human misery.

So the obvious cure is no more fixing but Inner Reconciliation.

That is exactly what I talk about in this video.

Sorry about the wind noise!

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