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Every ending is a beginning
And every beginning an end
Nothing is static
Indeed, nothing can be
Life is nothing but the formless and changeless
Dancing as the forming and changing

We love the form but distrust the formless reality that gives it life
Yet that and that alone creates what we love
To all of our loves time says, “All this belongs to me.”
And so it is that to time, the great devourer,
We and all we hold dear, eventually must surrender

Yet there is one thing which even time does not possess
One thing that Shiva’s wheel does not touch
That, to which even life and death appear
That which is the very ground of existence and the primary experience
Being itself

Overlooked and under valued, the simple presence of your own beingness
Before this great Seer, even time surrenders
The birthless and deathless
The alpha and omega
More subtle than infinite space
The eternal “I”

It is this “I” that looks out through all eyes
Find this “I” and you find your heart, your peace and your eternal home


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