GP demonstrates the power and significance of faith as it applies to realizing your deepest vision for your life.

It is not about a blind subservient faith to any ideas or concepts, but a deep internal experience.

Want to dive into the Total Immersion, and create an unstoppable momentum of abundance and joy?

“You guys are insanely on target. The wisdom is so amazing. The way you are presenting that is so clear and insightful. THANK YOU! The way you took me through the exercises and see my vision from a new perspective of the stillness is a life changer!

The way you phrase it is so exquisite! It is not about fulfilling your vision or wanting things to “make” you happy, it is that when you stand in the still point all the circumstances are expressions of your happiness. Thank you for phrasing it exactly like that. I really GOT it! It was jaw-dropping! Thank you for allowing us to experience that! You are doing an amazing job, both of you! That is the point!

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