And yes, you can feel good all the time

We live in a very strange world.

We think that feeling good is a luxury and that our normal state of emotion should be fear, worry, doubt, concern, stress and anger.

You know what? THAT IS INSANE!

For some reason we have gotten he idea that we are better, safer, more successful, more secure when we are  on edge.

So I ask: We have been on edge since shortly after World War II (that’s like 70 years). Are we more safe, secure, successful, content?

No, exactly the opposite.

Creating a feeling of wellbeing out of fear, worry or doubt is like trying to create a gold statute out of play-dough.

You can’t do it.

None of these things we have been practicing will lead to where we want to go.

So it is time to flip the script.

  • If you want to feel safe, find reasons to feel safe and exclude thoughts that promote insecurity
  • If you want to feel successful, find reason to celebrate your successes and exclude thought that compare, diminish and belittle
  • If you want to feel loved, find all the evidence of love there IS in your life, and refuse to participate in the isolation game

Folks, it is all a matter of your focus of attention. You cannot control the world but you can and must control where you put your attention, what you emphasize, what you value and what is important to you.

And I would make the feeling of wellbeing the most important thing in your life and then implement that priority by insisting that you and you alone decide where your focus of attention goes.

Then you will find that it IS OK TO FEEL GOOD. In fact, it is the ONLY WAY TO LIVE and you can do it, ALL THE TIME.

Love & Light