It has NO dependencies


The desire for freedom is a quality, without which, we would not be truly human. It is built into our DNA. The drive to be free is the only human quality that can transcend the fundamental human drive for safety.

Now hear this! If freedom depends on anything external to itself, it is not freedom.

If we ever think

  • If I just had more money
  • If I just had a really good romantic relationship
  • If I just had more creative freedom
  • If I just were in better health

THEN I would be free. You have swallowed the big lie of bondage.

And so you spend you entire life attempting to create the circumstances that you regard as the ground of freedom. But one of two things happens:

  • You either never attain that state or, at least not quite enough of it or
  • You do attain it and then spend the rest of your life trying to keep it

Your sense of freedom is a slave to circumstance.

No one, but no one tells you that only freedom that comes from within and has no dependency whatsoever on external circumstances is genuinely free.

Not even death can touch such freedom or the one who has it.

As impractical and far removed from everyday life this may seem I urge you all to swallow this red pill of a Simple Thought. Freedom is your destiny. You are meant to transcend time, space, birth, death and every limitation.

Question those so-called freedoms you pursue. Break those chains and soar into freedom.

Infinite sky freedom.

Love & Light


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