Let your goals come from a place of plenty

Interesting thing about most people’s goals, they are an attempt to fill a lack

Even while, on the surface they appear to be progressive, they remain little more than an expression of the feeling of not enough

They embody the very thing we wish to overcome

Overcoming lack is an inside job

   Which means it can happen right now

      Not 10 minutes or 10 years from now

         When the goal is finally fulfilled

            But now

               Right now

Since lack is but a belief, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from dropping it

All it takes is this little bit of insight

   Lack is not a condition of your life

      It is belief projected on circumstance

         There is no such thing as lack in reality

            Only the belief in it

What we believe we see so set a goal that is immediate and far reaching

Here is a good one – I hereby drop all belief in, habits of and assumptions that I am in lack

That is an affirmation that will bear fruit immediately

And then you find that the goal and its fulfillment are one

Love & Light


P.S. I created a video doing an exercise for money and goals using Inner reconciliation.