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It’s not like your keys or that pen you were using 2 minutes ago

If we ever want to experience genuine happiness… make that permanent happiness, we have to know 2 things:

    1. What it is
    2. Where to look

Simple enough, right? Well, not exactly.

Happiness is not a thing

Not being a thing we can’t actually say what it is. Which means, of course, that we don’t know where to look for it. And why is that?

It’s because happiness is your nature

It is a quality which you and you alone possess. There is no object out there, however desirable that can give it to you. None!

The only reason you have any suffering at all, is because you project happiness (your own true nature) on an animate or inanimate object.  The object does not possess happiness… you do

This is a total one-eighty from what you have been taught. Even the popular spiritual axiom “Happiness is within” is misleading. All that does is make us start looking for happiness somewhere “inside” whatever that means.

It is neither within you nor without you.


And that is why you will never find it. You don’t have to find it be cause it was never lost.