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GP has a number of keynotes and workshops ready to go covering communication, storytelling, leadership, relationships, conflict resolution.

Or he can create a program specifically for your group.

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Patricia Jones

Management and Representation


Reconciliation Magic

Turmoil in our personal and professional relationships and organizations can all be traced back to inner and outer conflict. Conflicts between motivations, ambitions, values and purpose shut down meaningful communication and therefore purposeful action.

GP is a master at reconciling these conflicts and re-establishing cooperation, collaboration and harmony.

Leader as Chief Storyteller

People do not follow a person, they follow a compelling story.

Leadership erupts organically when the leader has a clear vision that includes and benefits those who will implement that vision.

Leadership is the art of storytelling, one that partakes of different disciplines and must unite varied interests, value systems and aspirations.

Relationship & Communication

The quality and authenticity of our relationships is the single most active ingredient to all success. Learning first to listen you will find you can engage meaningfully with anyone.

When you listen to come to understanding the motivations of those whom you wish to persuade and influence. That is the only way for their to be genuine buy-in and the only way to success.

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