Inner Reconciliation – The End of Suffering

Inner Reconciliation starts from the premise that You Are NOT Broken. In fact, there is nothing wrong with you at all. We have simply been conditioned into a state of almost perpetual defense.  To reconcile within yourself means to be free of all inner conflict and therefore free of all suffering.

Experience the Power of Inner Reconciliation Now In This Brief Demonstration Video

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The one man that has and continues to help me on my spiritual path and understanding of “my meaning” in this life is GP Walsh! His teaching on inner reconciliation have truly changed my personal, business and athletic life! Thank you GP!

Dr. Klara Gubacs

Author, Athlete, Teacher

You're NOT Broken

Inner Reconciliation starts from the view that you, and everything happening within you, is part of an amazing, brilliantly intelligent and totally natural system. Skeptical? We’ll prove it to you!

Simple, Direct, Powerful, Spiritual

No belief systems, mantras, rituals, crystals, anything beyond your own ability to simply feel your own feelings as you are having them. But don’t let that simplicity mislead you. Feeling is the open door to healing.

Feel Better Immediately

There is no need to wait years or even days to feel the effect of ending inner conflict. You will feel the effect of this powerful inner work immediately. End conflict and there is a peace that can only be described as wonderful. Learn to live from this place of inner quiet.

Self Acceptance and Understanding

The heart and soul of Inner Reconciliation is unconditional love. Not as some advanced or transcendent spiritual experience but as an everyday reality. Acceptance of yourself, as you are now, not as you will be in some distant future. And, let’s face it, isn’t that what we have all wanted right from the beginning?

The Unified Field of Spiritual Wellbeing

Inner Reconciliation is the Unified Field Theory of Spirituality. Integrating the best spiritual and therapeutic traditions it weaves a simple, easily accessible process that heals our deepest wounds and traumas by revealing your true nature as Original Innocence. You will discover the stunning truth that You Are NOT Broken, never have been and never will be.

Reconcile Your Deepest Traumas and Inner Conflicts
GP has had years of experience working with some of the most stubborn traumas and difficult life situations. He has help combat veterans with PTSD and knows how resolving the deep inner conflicts brings some of the most suffering people back into a full rich life.
The End of the Self-Help Treadmill
There is an endpoint to all of our efforts at self-help and spiritual or personal development. We were not meant to go on perpetually fixing. If you have ever said to yourself “Haven’t I learned enough by now?” then Inner Reconciliation is your step off of the self-help treadmill.
Find the Unity of the Spiritual and the Physical
There is a deep unity, a oneness, between the realm of the spiritual and our everyday life as human beings. The disconnect we all feel is artificial and easily mended through understanding first your internal unity and then watching that extend outward.
Experience Mind/Body/Spirit Oneness
The mind, the body and the spirit are one continuous whole. You cannot liberate one without liberating all of them. You can’t restore one of these to health without restoring all of them Inner Reconciliation is holistic.
The Swiss Army Knife of Personal Development
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Original Innocence

Inner Reconciliation starts from a radical and revolutionary position, namely, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. “But”, you ask.” if that is the case, why is my life so messed up and frustrating?”

The only thing you are suffering from is that your nervous system is stuck in a defensive posture.

The over-zealous defensive mechanism disallows success and creates struggles and repetitive behaviors and thoughts. But nothing is broken. Everything is unctioning perfectly. But, locked into a defensive stance, it simply won’t allow change to happen, even change for the better.

Inner Reconciliation brings about a deep transformation within the nervous system, releasing it from its defensive posture and thus liberating all of your natural inner resources.

The shoot was great!!! That’s an understatement…. It was a situation that, in the past, would have had me almost unable to stand and I actually realized I didnt feel anxious at all today. I cannot thank you enough for talking to me and working with me today!!!

Years of talk therapy never really alleviated any of my suffering. I felt validated for one hour a week but I have never seen results until today. And I am blown away by how calm and happy i have been all day. Thank you so much.

Emily Pillar

Actress and Dancer