What ever happens today, whatever comes your way. You are its equal

You have the inner resources to deal with anything and everything, as long as you are not stuck in a position.

Being stuck in a position means you are holding on to, maybe even clinging to a particular set of beliefs, assumptions, ideas, ideologies. But, way more that that, you are stuck in a particular identity, a sense of self.

When you are stuck in a position of any kind, it means that, you are only able to succeed in  your life, if the things that are happening match your stuck position.

The means, of course, that nothing new can happen, no change can happen (even for the better) because, the stuck position will always be seeking to keep things matching the stuck-ness.

The real you, is always adequate and, if you are in your natural free flowing, true self, you are always adequate.

In fact, when you are really being your true self, which is totally unstuck and totally free, you will have no problem with anything.

Otherwise you’ll be frustrated, You’ll get hurt. You’ll fail. You’ll even try to manipulate and control things and get very offended when things do’t go your way.

No matter how hard you try to make things work, they won’t. Because, what this particular moment in your life is calling for situation is calling for, is more than you have.

Not more than you really have. But more than what you are allowing yourself to have.

Every position we get stuck in, and we get stuck somewhere all the time, is a limitation on our natural abilities.

Now don’t start beating yourself up for being stuck. Getting stuck is totally human. It is literally a defensive posture in the nervous system.

It is a set of behaviors that we took on, almost always without knowing it, in order to keep ourselves safe and, through repetition and necessity, a sense of identity formed.

Now you think that is who you are. You have forgotten who you really are and you have even forgotten what caused you to do the forgetting.

It is this limited self-image that is not adequate for the demands of the moment.

We think this is something wrong with the moment, “This shouldn’t be happening” “They shouldn’t be acting like that.” A lot of should and should nots happen when we are stuck in a position that is headed for a train wreck.

Or we think there is something wrong with us. “I’m not good enough” “I’m just not going to get it” “I always fail at this”.

There is nothing wrong with the moment and there nothing wrong with you

What is wrong is the concept you have of yourself. The beliefs you are holding about yourself are not adequate for this moment

But you ARE adequate if you are NOT stuck in a position

I often use the phrase, going into life without an agenda. Going into life without an agenda, means you are showing up in your life without a position.

You are not showing up as somebody. You are not showing up with prejudices, or pre-conceived notions or some plan as to how it is suppose to go. (There is that word should again.) You may even have some power moves to make it go in the pre-determined direction and some exit strategies if it doesn’t.

Showing up without and agenda means you are showing up completely fluid, completely creative, completely open, completely responsive to the environment.

Now you begin the creative dance.

The only reason for being in any situation is so that your real desire can be fulfilled. The motivation for being there, the reason you were there in the first place is a desire that needs to be fulfilled.

And if there is no agenda other than that, it will get fulfilled. It just isn’t going to look like you think it is suppose to look like. It will look better and, more importantly, it will feel better.

To show up as nobody means you are going to morph into whoever you need to be in that moment in order to perfectly coalesce with the moment. And that will bring about the perfect creative spin: the perfect word, the perfect touch, the perfect thought, the perfect action that allows the moment to be everything it can possibly be.

But here is an even more powerful insight into all this and an even more valuable one.

The events in our lives are there for the express purpose of summoning us out of a position, and calling forth, from within us, a level of creative engagement and inner resourcefulness that we would not otherwise have ever realized.

The whole reason the situation is there is not to frustrate you but to summon you, to stretch you, to discover you.

So these circumstances are not to be controlled or avoided. They are not to be criticizes or eschewed. They are to be welcomed, embraced, surrendered to.

They are, in fact, the best ting that ever happened to you.

In improvisational theater one of the most fundamental rules is that whatever happens, you never say no. NO is the killer of the flow of improvisation.

And if you are dealing with life as an improvisation as a spontaneous engagement, as a creative dance with the universe, you never say no.

Whatever comes along you say “Yes, thank you.” Even when it hurts.

This acceptance and welcoming, literally calls forth the deepest growth from within you. That moment will do more for you than all of the personal development courses you could take in a lifetime.

The moment itself grows you spontaneously into who it is you need to be, in order to bring out of that moment the most that can possibly be brought out of it.

Spontaneous evolution, by design.

Every moment how ever difficult it may seem (and it is only difficult to the position you are stuck in, it is never difficult for you) is an opportunity for creative self-expression and the revelation of entirely new aspects of who you are on a bigger and more dynamic way than you have ever experienced it before.

And could experience in no other way.

This is what life is for. To demand of us, not ready-made solutions, prepackaged solutions, not drive-in sameness, not cold efficiency, but creative engagement.

Creativity is not just sitting alone as a desk or in a studio and coming up with ideas. Creativity is a raw interaction with life.

if you talk to any artist they will tell you that they just don’t sit there in a vacuum. They are reacting  to other artists. They are reacting to events in their lives ad in the world. They are reacting to sounds. They are reacting to colors and shadows. They are reacting to smells and tastes and touches.

And that reaction is inspiring something inside that is compelled toward expression

To be who you are and not a position, is to be fully engaged in life as nobody, feeling everything that life invokes in you without judgement but with curiosity.

Feeling every nuance, every subtlety and consciously intending to expand your sensitivity so that you can feel more and more and more.

So that you can expand further, dropping all positions until you arrive at no position whatsoever. The perfectly fluid, flowing river of life that you actually are.

And so every moment is discovery, every moment is play, every moment is fascination. Then you find that, in life, there is nothing to fear, because no matter what happens, who you need to be will show up just as it is needed, not one minute too early and not one minute too late.

Then you will know the true Oneness of the creator and the creation, life and the liver of life, and you will walk with the curiosity of a child and the wisdom of a sage.