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The great delusion of our time is that love is weak, even powerless.

True, it has little political clout. The affairs of the world run on fear and aggression. But is that really power? Fear can only survive in the absence of love.

The power that is Love lies not in its ability to control, it lies in the inevitability of its embrace. It lies in the simple fact that it is is our very nature and the return to it is what we all crave.

Even if we had all the world’s treasures, controlled all its resources, silenced all opposition and had not love, we would have gained nothing. The pulsing, relentless craving would continue.

To forget love is to go insane. To reunite with it is to become whole.

Do not be discouraged by the temporary victories of fear and cruelty. Their days are numbers and, as the empty shallowness of those victories is felt more and more, to where will tired humanity turn?

Love’s power lies in its inevitability. Just look for yourself. Is there anything else to choose? Is there any real alternative? Can anything less ever lead to peace and wholeness?

To become wise means to see what is true. In order to see what is true we must first see the dire consequences of what is false. This is exactly the current state of humanity.

So take heart. Humanity, chastened by its own hand, beholding its own dreadful creation, will awaken and choose the inevitable.

We will choose love.