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Like the light emerges effortlessly and inevitably from the sun and illuminates everything it touches

Like the fragrance arises effortlessly and inevitably from the rose and blesses everything it touches

Even so love, the fragrance of your true Self, the emanation of being, arises naturally effortlessly,  from the great heart of absolute being

This absolute being is not distant. It is not abstract. It is your very Self!

Turn your gaze within for just a moment.

Are you not being? Are you not what is? Can you separate your being from THE BEING?

Even so, can you separate your love from THE LOVE?

When we look directly at the sun, we see not the sun, but the light emanating from it.

And yet that light carries the perfect image of the original

Oh dear friends, know yourself as Love and its emanation.

Know yourself as both the sun and the light

The rose and the fragrance

Absolute being and the ordinary human being[/fusion_text][/one_full]