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To find happiness!

Happiness is the reason we do everything.

We judge ourselves harshly because oftentimes our attempts fail. What we thought was going to bring us happiness turns out to be disappointing, sometimes even painful. That is when the self-punishment begins.

They say that hindsight is 20/20 and it’s true… well sort of. What is true is that what we hoped would deliver a greater happiness, didn’t. What isn’t true is thinking we could have done something differently.

“If only I had done _______, then it would have been perfect.”


We can only act and respond in accordance to our current level of understanding and insight. Having been through a disappointing or painful experience, we can see clearly what we could have done differently. But that only happens after!

The wonder of being a human being is that we actually get to see how life works. We get to not only live life but to understand it and participate in it. But doing that requires that we fall flat on our collective faces.

You cannot EVER predict the exact outcome of anything. All you can ever do is walk in the direction that you see at the moment and leave the rest to Life.

So you see, you have never really made a mistake. You have always walked in the highest light you had.

So it is time to love yourself for always acting up to your highest vision.

And forgive yourself that you didn’t see far enough to perfectly create what you wanted to create.

Life is not about creating a perfect, material utopia. It is about coming to trust in the wisdom of life itself.