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Meditation is boring. Simple and boring. Boring because it is so simple.

I mean, what do you have to do? Sit there with your eyes closed. And that, of course, is why it is boring. When you are just sitting there, everything that is happening is all happening within you.

To sit in meditation is to come face to face with the clutter and disorganization of your own inner world.

“What? I thought the purpose of meditation is make you peaceful? Not to sit in a bunch of internal clutter and chatter!” Well, it does do that whole quiet mind, peaceful thing… eventually.

But before that can happen we have to be willing to look at places we have been avoiding.

And that is inevitably resisted. That boredom you feel is really resistance. Resistance to penetrating the illusions and suppressed pains and disappointments, which all sorts of behaviors have been trying to avoid.

So yes, meditation is boring. But… do it anyway.

Sit with the boredom. It will be very uncomfortable. But it won’t kill you. And, once your nervous system realizes that you are not backing down, it will drop the boredom and perhaps reveal to you some deep truth.

And then, you will know that quiet mind, that peace that is the ultimate reward.