Every morning is a clean slate

Every night we enter into a period of deep, dreamless, content-less sleep.

Content-less means: no past, no future, no identity, no space, no time, just pure, empty beingness.

It is during this time that our entire being is refreshed.

It is a time of total cleansing

And this is the really important part, it is a time when you have the opportunity to create a completely new life.

After you start to awaken, the story of the past begins. 


The most amazing thing is, at that moment, We all have a choice, to continue the story of yesterday or to start a completely new one.

I am recommending, to everyone who reads this, to put a reminder by your bed, something that you will see first thing, that reminds you that today will be exactly what you decide it will be.

Treat today as if you were just born, except this time you are fully conscious and can decide, right from the first moment of your birth, who you are going to be and what kind of experience you are going to have today.

This respite from the past is the most extraordinary gift we have been given.

Now that you know that this gift is available to you, grab it and start every day from scratch.

Today I am reborn.

Today I am everything I have ever wanted to be


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