GP Walsh, in my humble opinion, is one of the best communicators on happiness/non duality on the internet.” – Phil Preston (YouTube comment)

“Don’t seek the truth – Just drop your opinions” – Zen saying

Non-duality is the most precise, penetrating and direct form of spiritual inquiry. 

  • Genuine spirituality is not a code of behavior or ethics, although it is highly ethical.
  • It is not a belief or conceptual system, although it is highly intellectually precise.
  • It is not a practice or a process or way of living or anything cultural. It wears no costume and is bound by no conventions.
  • It is simply the willingness to ask the simplest of questions, “Who am I?”

Keep asking until the answer shines more clearly than the sun at noonday and the heart rejoices like a lover reunited with her beloved after a long separation.

A Spiritual Teacher for Our Troubled Times


GP is first and foremost a spiritual teacher.

From his earliest childhood traumas to his fist major awakening at 19 to his discovery of Inner Reconciliation his focus has always been the same. Eliminate suffering for all beings.

“When I was graced with the profound understanding of the Original Innocence of each one of us it immediately delivered me from self-destructive, ego-centered behavior and set my feet on the path that eventually led to Inner Reconciliation.”

But GP’s life has not been one of isolation in a monastery. Far from it. He has been actively engaged in the world starting businesses, raising a family as a single father, suffering set-backs in business as well as enormous successes in many aspects of life.

He is truly someone who “knows the deal” and has emerged from difficult experiences with increased wisdom, deepened compassion and his trademark, irreverent humor.


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