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Tell me! Does the origin of the scene in the movie originate in the previous scene? Is it the cause of the next one?

Is not this scene, the one being viewed in this moment, being projected, in real time, from a source completely outside the film’s narrative?

The true origin and destiny of the scene is not in the movie at all. It is in the projector. The generator of all scenes.

No matter how long and far we search for an origin and destiny in the movie, we will find none. The characters in the story cannot conspire in secret against the author.

Your origin lies not in the past, nor does your destiny lie in the future. Everything originates and ends in the now.

Everything in your life, your life itself, is arising in the now and everything is a projection of the now.

To harmonize the now requires no knowledge of the past and no repair of it. And it requires no changing of the future.

It requires only a shift in perception in the now, a focusing of the projector, a changing of the the film. Your experience of right now is but a scene in the movie, emanating from the great projector of belief.

So what is your “truth” now?

Now is the time to recognize and reconcile. You are not broken. You are not stuck. You are not the unwilling recipient of a past scene.

There is nothing in the past dictating your present. There are only our beliefs about the past, in the present.

The projector is creating the scene on the screen right now. There is no need to study the scenes that went before. They did not create the present.

Turn from the movie to the projector and you will find the end of difficulty and the revelation of harmony right now

This is your true origin and destiny.

The un-birthday of the eternal now.[/fusion_text][/one_full]