Happiness does not have prerequisites

Simple Thoughts - It takes nothing to be happy“It takes nothing to be happy. It takes something to be miserable.” ~ Papaji

The only reason we don’t feel happy all the time is that we have made
happiness dependent on so many things.

  • Money
  • Success
  • Achievement
  • Relationships
  • Safety
  • Pleasure
  • Approval

The list just goes on and on…

As a result, our happiness is a slave to circumstance.

And we become slaves to spending all of our life energy on trying
to achieve, stabilize and maintain those circumstances.

And yet, circumstances are fleeting, unstable and fickle.

It is a big shift in perspective to recognize that you and you alone
are the source and substance of happiness.

That it actually has NO dependencies whatsoever.

And that is it available in abundance right here and now.

This will take practice, noticing where you decide you can’t be happy
and giving yourself permission to be happy anyway.

But give it a try

What do you have to lose except misery?

Love & Light


P.S. There is a difference between money and wealth. Knowing

that difference moves us from just getting our needs met and

accumulating the kind of excess that leads ro real freedom

around money.