This is such a critical subject. The natural human need for safety and security is the most fundamental drive in the entire human system.

The thing is, for most of us, our safety mechanism has come to regard the wrong things as dangerous.

  • We can find intimacy dangerous
  • We can find wealth dangerous
  • We can find success dangerous
  • We can feel, on an unconscious level, that getting what we want is actually dangerous

Of course, none of this is conscious. Nobody purposely decides to deprive themselves, but these self-denying and self-deprecating patterns are running, as programmed responses in the autonomic nervous system.

Without going into all the detail of the mechanics of how that works, I am going to use EFT to release some, if not all, of that program.

EFT, is a significant part of the Inner Reconciliation process because it communicates, to the nervous system, through physical touch, that it IS safe!

And this is the magic.

When the association between, whatever it is in your life that you want but don’t quite seem to be able to get, and the potential for danger, has been severed, the nervous system, the entire energy system, immediately flips into a state of self expression.

In law of attraction terms, that means that you begin to vibrate with the frequency of thing you desire.

Which means the manifestation of that thing must follow. That is law!

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