Just let go and see what happens


Ever try to sink a cork? Can’t do it.

You can tie a weight to it and it will be held under the surface. But, no matter how long it is submerged, the moment the anchor is cut it flies to the surface.

It wouldn’t do any good for that cork to go on a cork retreat or do cork self-improvement, to try to make a better cork of itself, while it is sitting at the bottom of the pond

There is nothing wrong with the cork. It is just being tied down

Cut the rope. That is all that has to happen. The rest takes care of itself.

You don’t really need to improve anything about you.

You don’t need to become better.

You don’t need any fixing at all.

You simply need to cut the rope that has you submerged.

And what is that rope?

Resistance to life.

And what is the knife that cuts it?

Allowing everything to be as it is.

It may seem difficult, even strange to say that.

But consider this: all of our problems arose from not being allowed to be ourselves.

Allowing everything to be as it is, is giving yourself the very thing you were denied.

But so  need and want.

In other words, allowing is unconditional love and acceptance.

And isn’t that what we are all seeking?

Love & Light


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