It is an unconscious pattern that almost everyone has.

It is so subtle and common that we don’t even realize it is influencing everything we do.

But, underlying this fear of not being enough is the actual belief that, in fact, we aren’t enough.

Even though, countless times in our lives, we have proven our worth and our value, this seems to not make a dent in this very primal fear and unconscious conviction. That is because this conviction is not mental it is energetic.

It was a assumption made a long time ago when we were still quite helpless and subject to the whims of environment, parents, teachers, peers and others.

The only way to remove an energetic assumption is by working directly with the energy. And we do that, first and foremost, by establishing an environment of safety and acceptance.

How do we do that?

First, simply allow yourself to honor our  bodies and the remarkable energy system that animates it, acknowledging that it is functioning perfectly, even if it is not the way you wish it to function.

Then communicate to the whole nervous system it is loved, accepted, valued and safe.

One of the ways I do that is by using EFT. To me this is the primary value all energy healing modalities is that they involve touch.

The stuck parts of ourselves are completely impervious to words. But they do respond to touch (Don’t we all).

Join me as I us this gift of touch to alleviate the sense of not being enough and open up the possibility that you truly are more than enough.

Not as just a nice idea but as an experienced fact.

“Totally Tapped In – Safety, Money, Success, Happiness, Your Dreams”
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