This fear of being rejected is so powerful and so pervasive that I wanted to do some more about it. take a bit longer to explain its causes and origins and then jump into the cure.

As I said there are only a fews fears that are innate in humans and fear of rejection is one of them.

But what we have to be clear about is that the fear of rejection and the rejection itself are two very different things.

The fear of rejection triggers a very primitive instinct in us. An instinct that is shared by all mammals. Namely, if I am rejected by my tribe I will die.

This was literally true at one point in human (and pre-human) history and it is still quite active in the nervous system.

Your energy system cannot distinguish between non-lethal rejection like being turned down for a promotion or a date and the rejection of a baby by its parents.

But you the conscious awareness can distinguish it and so inform the nervous system that all is well.

EFT is a beautiful tool here, communicating the message that everything is OK through the most effective channel. The channel of touch.

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