There are only a fews fears that are innate in humans:

  • Fear of falling
  • Fear of loud noises
  • Fear of rejection

While it is an innate fear it is not an absolute. And it is not rejection itself that causes us to be so hindered.

It is the expectation of rejection that is crippling.

It ties into the classI am doing on Anxiety and safety. Anxiety is an anticipation of something bad happening in the future.

In this case we are anticipating rejection and therefore restricting our actions and creative impulses even though we are not being rejected.

I made two videos on the subject of this deep and debilitating fear.

In this one I  dive right into using EFT to bring relief  and free up energy for enjoying a more expansive and creative life.

In the second I will take more time to explain the actual mechanism.

“Totally Tapped In – Safety, Money, Success, Happiness, Your Dreams”
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