Finding the place from which all love emanates

Love-Story-v-Prage-001There is nothing we humans want more than to find a special someone

Someone who seems to be the answer to a prayer

Someone who seems to have been designed just for you

Easy, natural and flowing like the waters of a mountain stream

But what if that special someone lived, right now within your own heart?

What if you were that special someone?

We know ourselves so little, so incompletely

What if, knowing yourself in your wholeness, you would feel like you have found your soul mate?

Some people say, “You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.”

That is not true.

We are always capable of love

And the love of a special someone is the 2nd best love there is

The love of yourself, that arises out of knowing yourself

That is the best love

And, wonder of wonder, when you see yourself as you are, and fall in love with what you see, you see everything and everyone else in that same glorious light

Then, for real, Love Alone Is

To all lovers

Past lovers

Lovers that will be and

Lovers that have never been

Happy Valentine’s Day


P.S. What would happen if suddenly you had no issue or resistance or concern

about anything you were feeling? You would be completely content. And it is possible

to experience that. Give a listen to an excerpt from a class I did yesterday where I

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