You don’t grab the starlight

When you look up in the night sky and wonder at the mysterious beauty and vastness of the universe, do you need to do anything?

You don’t reach out and grab the starlight…

   Nor do you coax it to come.

      You simply look up and there it is… 

         Waiting for you.

After a journey that may be older than the earth it just comes to you. Effortlessly and gently alighting on your eye. And you are just as gently and effortlessly filled with wonder.

So it really is in all aspects of our lives.

   We do not need to struggle.

      Everything just comes to us.

We think we are the ones causing things, attracting things, making things happen, creating our universe, making our reality

But that is a mistake.

We are the witnesses of the wonder.

   It is all a spectacular gift.

      Just like the light of that distant star.

         The light of the abundance of life

            Gently and effortlessly embraces you

It is time for us to drop the perpetual struggle that arises when we believe the absurd notion that somehow we got separated from life and have to find our way back on our own.

And just remember… the lights come to you

Love & Light


P.S. The 2nd video in my series on Wealth and the Chakras is up

there waiting for you. The whole vide is dedicated to processing

using EFT.