It is what we do

Oxygen Volume 14The human being really has one function: CREATING.

That is really all we do. And we do it all the time. Whether we know it or not.

Unlike what most people believe, though, we never create things

That’s right we don’t create objects or opportunities or circumstances. Those all happen later. What we do first is we create ourselves.

If we try to “manifest” something in our lives without changing the self-image we have nothing will happen. It is this core story that determines the quality of our lives and all of its content.

So you could visualize all day that new car and it will not show up. But, if you:

  • Picture yourself as someone for whom that new car fits
  • Hold to that vision of the new you, even if your current story objects
  • Allow the oftentimes uncomfortable space for your energy system shift

Then one of two things will happen

  1. The car will show up or
  2. A bigger, truer desire will emerge and begin to fulfill itself

But you will see that the big blessing is not the car. That is just a very pleasant consequence.

The real blessing is realizing that the story you have been living isn’t true and you can create yourself every moment of every day. You will never be stuck again.

If we allow our highest vision for our character take the lead, and allow the natural energy of life to give expression to that, we will never have to worry about the stuff.

Love & Light


P.S. is the Law of Attraction passé? I don’t think so. But it does

require us to understand way more than we thought we had to.

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