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​​​​​​​Whether it comes from you or though you or to you
​​​​​​​No matter the source or direction
​​​​​​​Is it not all love?

Is not the space in Asia the same space as in North America?
​​​​​​​Is not it the same space through which the sun and all its tiny companions move?
​​​​​​​Does not the same space contain the entire universe?
​​​​​​​And perhaps universes upon universes?

Even so is there any differentiation in love?
​​​​​​​Any boundaries?
​​​​​​​Any outline?

Is there not One Heart pulsating life through out all space and time?Has love changed, morphed, mutated?
​​​​​​​Worlds come and go but love remains forever

I look into your face and I see the face of love looking back at me
​​​​​​​Then I realize that it is love that is looking at you