The White
Morgan Freeman

Not that he actually sound like the famous actor but GP has that same richness, authority and trustworthiness.

GP has produced voice overs for companies like Ford, American Express, Industrial Light and Magic and the Bank of New York. He has done video games like Reader Rabbit and the famous Doom as well as documentaries and corporate videos for Amnesty International, the State of New York, the Omega Institute and more.

Training Materials ~ Internal Promotions ~ Product and Event Announcements ~ Orientation ~ Policies and Procedures and more.

The Power of Voice

The most influential part of any verbal communication is not the words, the inflection or any of the content
It is the authority and appeal of the voice itself


There are many powerful characteristics of an influential voice. These power attributes are the kind of qualities that you want in your corporate or organizational message.

  1. Tonality and Character
  2. Energy and Emphasis
  3. Pitch Inflection
  4. Pace and Tempo
  5. Pauses and Silence


While most believe that it is what you say that is influential, it is really how you say it and the voice with which it is said. The most compelling and influential attributes of a voice are:

  1. Resonance
  2. Timbre
  3. Relaxation
  4. Rhythm
  5. Pacing

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The Voice of Authority, Influence, Leadership

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