Today Is Perfect

Every now and then I stop and remind myself the everything is OK right now.

Actually… perfect!

I am an ambitious man. I have many aspirations. I have a vision for my life and my business.

But I have noticed that those ambitions can have two effects:

  1. They never stop. The moment one aspiration is fulfilled, another, even grander one, arises to take its place
  2. They make me forget the beauty of right now

So then periodically (actually every single day) I remind myself that I am not really going anywhere.

There is nothing in the future that will be better than right now.

The future is created out of my present joy.

The clay from which the future is molded is my perception of the perfection of this moment.

So ambitions arise and subside. But the heart of joy is forever.

So while you are planning and executing, envisioning and visualizing remember.

Right now is the only time we have, and right now is already filled with all the beauty and wonder and joy we could ever desire.

And let tomorrow be more of the same miracle that is today!

Love & Light


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