It is the most natural thing there is

When we hear the term unconditional love we tend to think of it as some
advanced, spiritual transcendent state that a few yogis and saints attain.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

If something is true it can’t be so distant and remote.

If genuine, unconditional love is possible for us humans, it must be
natural to us. Not the result of some elaborate practice.

And it is natural… and it is simple.

The moment you allow anything to be the way it is you have stepped into unconditional love.

The moment you accept something just as it is, you have become unconditional love.

But, we have strong opinions and beliefs and attachments to things.  It is these

attachments that make it seem as if it is difficult to attain.

But, if we are humble enough to recognize the possibility that we aren’t right
all the time, that we don’t see things clearly, the willingness to accept things

as they are somehow arises naturally.

Love is not distant or esoteric or the property of saints and sages.

It is the natural state of us all.

Today give yourself or someone else permission to just be the way they are.

Then watch what happens.

Love & Light


P.S. We all have conditioned patterns that are resistant to allowing things
to be as they are. GP has designed a free course to help de-condition

those patterns and bring you back to UNCONDITIONAL love.