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In your inner world, whatever you try to push away or get rid of, actually grows to a strength that matches your efforts to push it away.

It quite literally feeds off of your resistance.

Inner conflict (resistance) is the only real emotional, psychological or spiritual problem that you (and the rest of us) actually have.

So, what is the remedy?

The simple, effortless act of ALLOWING.

Allowing starts with a deep insight. You are NOT broken or flawed. Your nervous system is merely stuck in a defensive posture.

Resisting it only makes it dig in its heels.

I have created whole courses dedicated to training ourselves into perpetual allowing (check out Inner Reconciliation primary course). But let’s try something right now that is really simple.

Turn your attention to your body and just let yourself feel whatever happens to be going on.

Now, just notice that there are a lot of sensations, some pleasant, some not so. Just give them permission to be there.

Notice also that there is a sense of resistance to the sensation that are not so pleasant. Just give permission for every feeling to be there.

Just do that for a minute and notice how things calm down inside.

You see all distress is caused by our resistance to what is.

Do this several times a day and you will experience a most remarkable reshaping of you inner world.

Notice the effect it has. See it for yourself.

Because, while it is true that “Whatever we struggle against grows stronger”. The opposite is true as well. “Whatever we allow grows weaker.”

It is so simple and yet it is the key to lasting peace.