What’s the Point?

Why do we do the things we do?

I mean we get up every morning.

We have a list of to dos and we keep adding things to the list.

Why do we do it?

Everything we do, we do to feel happy… everything.

There are no exceptions to this… none.

We expect that, at some point, all the effort will pay off and we will have arrived at happiness.

That is why we do it, but how many of us actually arrive?

None do.

What? None? Are you kidding?

No I am not.

You cannot arrive somewhere that you have never left.

To find lasting happiness, simply exchange unhappy thoughts for happy ones.

Yes, that is the entire secret.

You can, at any moment, choose a different thought.

Different thought creates different feeling.

Different feeling creates different experience

Different experience creates different life.

It is all right here, in the palm of your hand.

It always has been

it always will be.

Choose your thoughts wisely, for they will create your life.

And that is the point.

Love & Light


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