We received this question via email:

Hello all, I was wandering about something that contradicts and puzzles me.

When we do allowing and inviting exercises from IR we are giving the space to the energies that were hidden and usually those are uncomfortable feelings and sensations. By the law of attraction we manifest according the energy signature. Are we attracting the same energies when we are inviting and allowing the uncomfortable energies? Thank you in advance.

My Response: 

You do not need to worry about attracting any unwanted circumstances as a result of Inner Reconciliation’s first step: inviting and allowing the various emotions and sensations you experience.

In this practice, you are not creating a picture of something and artificially focusing on it or holding it.

You are only dealing with what is actually there, as it is.

This means that whatever arises is *already present, and currently coloring your experience of the world.* In LOA terms it is already part of your vibration.

Notice that this also means that your current way of being, is one where certain emotions or energies are activated, and there is a sense of ignoring or suppressing them. Therefore a very fundamental part of the energy signature, the term you used, is that of someone who is ignoring or suppressing certain things. Even though this means you are not feeling them consciously, they are affecting things unconsciously.

If your hamstrings are tight, you may have gotten used to this and do not perceive it as a tightness. You then engage in something that directs your attention to your hamstrings, perhaps stretching or a yoga class, and you become aware of the tightness.

You are now aware of this feeling of tightness, but you are not manufacturing it, it was already there. You were going through life with tight hamstrings pulling on your lower back and who knows what else. You have now created the space where this tightness can be felt, which is also where it can be resolved. There may be some discomfort as this unfolds, but it is all part of the natural process of bringing things back to a natural state.

The same thing is happening with your emotions.

You are not focusing on some image, you are dealing with what is.

You are going directly to the source of what is reflecting as your experience of the world.

This bypasses even the idea of attracting anything, and connects to the power and beauty of what is right here, right now.